The 'Local' Race - The Kiplingcotes Derby
The 492nd Race, 17th March 2011
The Results
This year's race took place on a fine but overcast day with the sun bursting forth shortly before the leading horses approached the finishing post.   An exceptionally large number of spectators gathered to witness the twelve hopeful jockeys being weighed in prior to the start of the event.  

This year all the entrants finished the race without incident, and the winner this year was Charlie ridden by Sally Ireland.   In second place was Blue ridden by Emma Herbert-Davies, and the winner of the race for the previous three years, John Thirsk, came in third riding Master Bob.

The event attrtacted a lot of media attention from regional and national TV, local radio and press.   The winner received her well deserved trophy from Julia Bradbury, presenter of BBC Country File.

Sally Ireland
Sally Ireland Sally Ireland
  Sally Ireland with the Winner's Trophy  
Sally Ireland with Charlie
Charlie with Sally Ireland before the race.
Ready for the Race
Ready for the Race
Ready for the Race
Gathering before the Race

Runners and Riders for the 492nd Race
  Place Runner Rider
"" 1 Charlie Sally Ireland
"" 2 Blue Emma Herbert-Davies
"" 3 Bob John Thirsk
4 Meena Laura Brown
"" 5 Batman Sally Martin
"" 6 Callum Elizabeth Platts
"" 7 Arthur Julie Benton
"" 8 Paddy Helen Wright
"" 9 Blaze Jamie Sutherton
"" 10 Trent Naomi Norton
"" 11 Jubilee Queen Gaynor Nicholson
"" 12 Master Robert Peter Nicholson

Full Results for 2011

And so to the next race - 15th March 2012

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