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William Bradley - The Yorkshire Giant
(1787 - 1820)

William Bradley, the Yorkshire Giant, was born at Market Weighton in the East Riding of Yorkshire on the 10th February 1787.
He was the fourth son of a family of thirteen, who were all of normal build.

At the age of 20 he was an amazing seven feet and nine inches tall, and weighed 27 stones.

He died on the 30th May 1820.

William Bradley

He spent some years as the 'Yorkshire Giant' with a group of travelling showmen, before eventually retiring to his native Market Weighton.

After his death he was buried in the grounds of All Saints Church, but as it was feared that body snatchers might attempt to steal his remains, he was later re-interred inside the church itself.

William (Giant) Bradley postcard reproduced by kind permission of Garforth Gallery, Market Weighton.

William Bradley's house in York Road, Market Weighton.

The house was constructed for him, with rooms and doorways large enough to accommodate his exceptional build.

William Bradley's House

William Bradley - Footprint Plaque

The plaque erected on the wall of William Bradley's house, showing the size of the shoes that he wore.

They measured fifteen inches in length and five and three quarter inches in width.

Market Weighton Chamber of Trade had planned to locate a life size bronze statue of William Bradley in a prominent position within the town, hopefully to enhance the tourist attractions available.

 The Chamber of Trade commissioned sculptor Chris Wormald to produce this magnificent prototype miniature statue, which stands a tiny one foot tall compared to the 7 feet 9 inches of the final version.

 However this plan was never realised and instead a wooden statue was erected in front of the Council House.  The life size wooden statue of William Bradley, carved from a English oak log by Malcolm MacLachlan was unveiled during Giant Bradley Day - 27th May 2007.
Miniature Giant Bradley Statue

Giant Bradley Statue

Giant Bradley Statue


The William Bradley memorial stone, in All Saints Parish Church, Market Weighton

William Bradley - Memorial Plaque in All Saints Church


William Bradley is an essential part of Market Weighton's recent history, and his life has been celebrated each year at the annual 'Giant Bradley Day' celebrations, the first celebration taking place in May 1996.  This is a wonderful day for everyone, especially the children, and should not be missed.


The next Giant Bradley celebration will be held on Sunday 14th July 2013, as part of the new 'Giant Community Day'.
This will be held in the town High Street.


If you wish to learn more about William Bradley, the following sources are recommended:

A website dedicated to William Bradley can be found at

The Wonderful Life of William Bradley the Yorkshire Giant
Author, Keith Lowe
Published by Market Weighton Chamber of TradeMarket Weighton with Goodmanham, Town Guide
Published by Market Weighton Civic Trust, 1992

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